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Application for Paralegal Certification 

Application for Paralegal Recertification

  • You MUST include your CPID Number at the top of the form on both sides.
  • Applications for recertification will not be accepted more than 60 days prior to your renewal date.
  • If you are returning your recertification application more than 45 days past your renewal date, you must also include the $25 late fee. Applications submitted more than 90 days past your renewal date will not be accepted.

Petition for Retired Status

Certified paralegals who have retired from the workforce may now petition the board for retired status. If granted, retired status allows a certified paralegal to hold him or herself out as a “North Carolina State Bar Retired Certified Paralegal.”

Petition for Inactive Status

You can petition the board for inactive status based on financial hardship, illness, disability, or active military duty for you or your spouse. This inactive status would last for a period of one year, with the requirement that you must either petition the board to remain inactive each year, or file a renewal application to seek reinstatement to active status.

Application for Designation as a Qualified Paralegal Studies Program

Qualification as a paralegal studies program under the Plan for Certification of Paralegals does not constitute an approval or an endorsement of the program by the Board of Paralegal Certification or the North Carolina State Bar.

Sponsor's Request for Approval of a CPE Activity

Paralegal's Request for Approval of a CPE Activity

CLE/CPE Certificate of Attendance and Teaching Credit for Paralegals


Brochure on Becoming a NC Certified Paralegal

NC Certified Paralegal - A Primer for Attorneys

NC Certified Paralegal - A Primer for Paralegals

Powerpoint presentation on NC Certified Paralegal program

Powerpoint presentation on NC Certified Paralegal exam