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Starting in 2024, the dates for the Spring and Fall exams will change.

The change in the examination schedule will afford upcoming graduates the opportunity to qualify for the exam soon after graduation. Upcoming graduates will have the opportunity to apply for the examination prior to graduation. If the application is received prior to the deadline and the graduate is approved sit for the exam, the results will be sealed until the graduate’s official transcript is received directly from the college or the college’s transcript service.

The new examination schedule is as follows:

  • 2024: June and October
  • 2025: June
  • 2026 and subsequent years: February and June

In May 2024, the current “study guide” will be replaced with an “examination guideline.” The new guideline will include an updated list of sources and domains, tasks, and topic areas. Also, beginning in October 2024, the certification exam will contain questions regarding administrative law and technology.