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The North Carolina State Bar Board of Paralegal Certification is excited to announce that, beginning in mid to late November, certified paralegals will be able to renew their certification online through a new member portal located on the Certified Paralegal website. Certified paralegals will be able to update their contact information, submit their renewal application, and pay renewal fees online through this portal. Paralegals interested in applying for certification will also be able to apply entirely online.

The board and staff have been pursuing this project for nearly two years in cooperation with the North Carolina State Bar. Certified paralegals will greatly benefit from this new resource by introducing a more efficient, accessible, and intuitive process for monitoring and maintaining their ever-important and hard-earned certification.   

The board intends to move the certification and recertification process entirely online by use of this new portal. With the portal expected to “go live” in mid-November, the board is not yet sending notices to certified paralegals whose renewal deadline is January 1, 2022. Certified Paralegals are strongly encouraged to not mail in their recertification application and fee at this time, but instead wait to renew online through the new member portal. When the portal goes live, the board will send a notice informing all certified paralegals that the new portal is up and available for use. The board will also send a separate notice to certified paralegals whose recertification date is January 1, 2022, informing them that their renewal process can and should be completed online through the portal.

Please monitor your email in the coming weeks for more information about this exciting development.